Daoist Medicine is the foundation of TCM/Modern Chinese Medicine. The Daoist concepts underpin the method of Medicine, but also of longevity practices where the way to living and prevention of illness are central. Daoist medicine maintains to the underpinning methods that help to achieve natural healing and practices aligned to health cultivation. Like the origins of Daoism, Medicine is based on the early Huang Lao Daoism (Taiping Dao) practices. These include the learnings from the earlier classics such as the Dao De Jing, the Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic, the Yin-Yang, Five Elements and Zhou Yi Yi Jing. Daoist medicine is special as it included since the beginning the integration of emotional, physical and spiritual health. 

he key concept that the macro is a reflection of the micro and they mutually impact each other is specific and to the core of Daoist Medicine, which applies the metaphysical with the medical, the universal with the individual, the illness with its prevention, progress and eventual elimination. Whilst many techniques have been developed to cure illness, including the use of herbal medicines, massage, breathing practices, acupressure/puncture/moxibustion, and so forth. Those are but a few elements of Daoist Medicine, which includes methods including music therapy, exercise therapy, dietary therapy, and so on. But those are still only the general methods of Daoist Medicine. For in Daoist medicine it is the pursuit of Nature or the ways of the Dao that allows for the greatest cultivation of health and a happy fulfilling life. In Daoist thought every part of the universe is interconnected and are although subtle interacting constantly. 

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