In the Taiping Jing (Classic on Greater Harmony/Peace), there was an outline of practice focusing on the nourishment of the internal organs through visualization and positive emotions. The Aishan Wuzang is a wonderful set of skills that will improve physical, emotional and spiritual health. Consisting of five main stages: 

I.   The Inner Smile

II.  Transformation of emotions 

III. Opening the heart - Practice of compassion, forgiveness and Kindness

IV.  Visual journey throughout the whole body

V.   Connecting the Heart (Love) with the Universe.

The Inner Smile focuses on gratitude to the five main organs (Heart, Spleen, Lung, Kidney, Liver). Transformation of emotions expand the inner appreciation notion. Here, a primary understanding necessary is of the five phases (五行) and their corresponding organs, emotions and behaviors is necessary. By understanding each of the conditions that the five phases influence one can transform the health of organs through emotions. Practice of Compassion, forgiveness and kindness is essentially the maintenance of the emotions and harnessing them when dealing with others. 

Visual journey through the body takes positive and happy energy through visualization around the body. Here other organs and functions are appreciated, their concerns heard and considered, their work thanked and embraced. The last aspect deals with sharing of the care and love with the universe. Centered on the Heart field and the concepts within Universal love. It has been recognized that emotions affect the electromagnetic field of the heart and that when the heart becomes appreciative the heart rates become coherent. Thus it is understood that there is a oneness among all because our state of being affects others and by focusing on ourselves by keeping ourselves in Appreciation and Relaxation this is keeping our internal energies harmonized and will have an effect when we interact with others since there is a connectivity between energy fields. 


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